Fighting for Life

Some thoughts on Brazilian jiu jitsu that I originally posted at the website The Rhino Den at Ranger Up:

A full disclaimer before getting into the meat of this — I am stupid. I was 20 years old when the very first UFC was on Pay Per View — in my own hometown, no less — and I watched it. I watched Royce Gracie tear up guys much bigger and stronger than himself, and yet… I didn’t go seek a Brazilian jiu jitsu gym to train with.Read More...

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Welcome to the blog at the new website for The Farm Bjj.

Danny has asked me — a holder of a Black Belt in Blogging — to start updating the blog more often in hopes that we can all have more information to read on the site for prospective students as well as for keeping up to date on what’s happening with The Farm and in the world of MMA and Bjj in general. And for those who aren’t all that keen on this “reading” thing, we’ll try to include as many pictures and videos as possible.… Read More...

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New Location, New Website!

We’ve moved into our new location! We’ve been told that it’s one of the nicest facilites around by more than one person so far, and we’re not even done setting up yet. The cherry on the cake is that we’ve updated our website as well. Let us know what you think of both!

Come check us out at the new location. The address is below, and there is a map on our contact page as well.

6268 West 10th Street
Greeley, Colorado 80634…

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