Kids Scrimmage

On December 22, 2012, the biggest names in Brazilian jiu jitsu met at The Farm for what would prove to be one of the great matches in the history of the sport.

Michael, Andrea, Sean, Shane, Mikaela, Landon, Fela, Will, Jeremiah… They may not be names that you know now, but they will be.

The first ever “Kids Scrimmage” at The Farm Bjj was a huge success and proved to be equal fun for both parents and kids, alike. During the tournament, parents could be heard cheering on every kid on the mat to do their best.

There was no arguing over who won or didn’t win; there was no animosity from parents to kids for beating their child or towards their own child for not doing well enough. No, this was pure fun on all levels with adults positively supporting every kid who went out on the mat.

Some of the older, more experienced adults who frequent The Farm were seen walking around wide-eyed and in awe of the level of enthusiasm portrayed by every kid who showed up. It motivated even the most seasoned to get out on the mat and help in any way they could.

This is what Brazilian jiu jitsu is all about.

Though the matches were each decided by either points or submissions, it was not a tournament focusing on crowing champions–it was about competing with new faces and taking the art of Bjj to the next level for kids who seem to grow by leaps and bounds before our eyes.

Children from other schools, including Fudochi Martial Arts, came and competed as well, giving a new dynamic to The Farm Bjj and making it a spirited endeavor that set a great tone for things to come. If this scrimage was any indication, there will be many more events in the future that promise to be enjoyable for every age group involved.

Much thanks to all who made it to The Farm Bjj for this event. We are grateful to have the opportunity to further the sport for kids, as we know how much it benefits them now as well as setting a foundation for future growth.

We look forward to the next time!

-The Farm Bjj