Jeff Glover Seminar at The Farm BJJ

May 24 2017,

In an effort to bring the best to northern Colorado The Farm Brazilian jiu jitsu welcomed Jeff Glover as a guest instructor. all that where in attendance would agree that his incredible technique left the room in aw. to all that missed out on the seminar all that can be said is you missed out on an experience that doesn’t come around very often.


Jeff Glover Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Jeffrey Dean Glover

Nickname: He is called “The Pipelayer” because he used to be a plumber.… Read More...

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Thoughts on Silva vs. Weidman II

With the most anticipated match of the year now behind us, it is worth taking a look at a couple things from the two fights between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva to give us both some perspective and a learning lesson. It is not just through training that we grow, after all; it is also through analysis of those at the top of their game that we develop our own base.

One of the things that has struck me regarding all the banter about Silva vs.… Read More...

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