Safety and Other Questions

How safe is a MMA/BJJ program?

What are the risks involved?

You may ask yourself: Will I get bruised or a black eye?

Despite the inherent risks involved with physical activity participation, Martial Arts are relatively safe compared to many other sports.

There are two main factors that determine the safety of any Martial Arts program: your Instructor’s background and your own specific goals.

Do you want to learn self-defense techniques and/or add some Martial Arts exercises into your daily workout routine? Are you interested in joining a competition team or even becoming a world class fighter?

Depending on what you are looking for, sparring sessions may be included in the program, varying from light to full contact sparring.

Since most of the injuries related to Martial Arts occur during sparring, safety can be even further improved if the program is implemented as a non-competitive individual exercise with limited body contact between participants. An experienced Instructor will always work towards injury prevention during any sparring session.

When looking for an Instructor, make sure to ask these simple but nonetheless important questions: 

What level of training does your Instructor have?

Does he/she have the appropriate exercise science background and teaching experience? 

Does your Instructor have a direct lineage to a first generation Instructor of BJJ and keeps him/herself up to date with the latest techniques being used in tournaments?   

There are no specific Martial Arts maneuvers or techniques that are contraindicated per say. What’s contraindicated is an Instructor who teaches a technique incorrectly or includes skills that are too advanced for the participants. This can easily happen with a teacher who does not have the appropriate background and training.

A great Instructor is one who is able to match the student’s skill level during a sparring session, while correcting the fundamentals and adding new techniques in a progressive manner.

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