Lucas Pires Seminar

On Friday, January 18, The Farm Bjj has the fantastic opportunity to welcome a true master of Brazilian jiu jitsu — Lucas Pires.

Part of the Werdum Combat Team, Master Pires has been training alongside his friend Fabricio Werdum since the age of 10. Since coming to the United States years later, Lucas has racked up accomplishments like most people collect DVDs.

2004: Blue Belt Brazil x EUA CHampionship, Middleweight (Los Angelas, CA)
2004: Purple belt State Champion SC/Brazil, Middleweight (Circiuma, SC, BR)
2006: Purple belt Tinguinha In-House Champion, Middleweight (Anaheim, CA)
2007: Brown belt Pacific Cup Vice Champion, LIght Heavyweight (Los Angeles, CA)
2007: Brown belt North American Champion, LIght Heavyweight (Los Angelas, CA)
2008: Black belt US Open XIII Vice Champion, Light Heavyweight (Santa Cruz, CA)
2009: Black belt Grappler’s Quest Vice Champion, Light Heavyweight (Las Vegas, NV)
2009: Black belt American Cup Champion, Light Heavyweight (Los Gatos, CA)
2009: Black belt North American Champion, Light Heavyweight (Los Angelas, CA)

His accomplishment’s speak for themselves, but you have the chance to hear him give even more detail on Friday the 18th at The Farm Bjj starting at 5:30 pm.

This is not one you want to miss. If you want to take your game to the next level, make a point to come see Lucas Pires at The Farm on Friday the 18th. After all, you know that if you don’t, you’ll just be sitting at home eating pizza and watching old UFC fights.

So come to The Farm Bjj and get a lesson from a true master, instead!

We look forward to seeing you. And if you’re not there, we will just take it as meaning that you hate Bjj and everyone who does it and never want to do it again. Ever.

So, seriously, come to The Farm Bjj for the Lucas Pires seminar on Friday, January 18th at 5:30 pm! Do it!