Metamoris Pro 2012 was a gathering of some of the best Bjj practioners in the world in the same place to compete in 20 minute-long matches that could be decided only by submission — no points. Though I have not seen all of the matches, I have watched enough to state emphatically that doing what you can to find video of the event should most certainly be on your “to do list.”

A great example of the phenomenal skill level at the match can be seen in this video of Andre Galvao facing off against Ryron Gracie:

Though Galvao seems to be in dominant position for most of the match, at no point does Ryron seem even the least bit phased. His escapes from a few very bad spots are nothing short of amazing, especially considering that the guy holding him down is considered one of the top competitors in all of Bjj. Ryron’s calm and relaxed demeanor during a high-level match is something we can all take something away from, to be sure.

Watch the official trailer for the match here: And, again, do what you can to find some of these matches. The ones I have seen have all been extremely fun to watch, as the competitors were not concerned with points, so it seemed to minimize any stalling. Great, great Bjj to behold in the Metamoris Pro matches, for sure.