The Farm BJJ’s Carlos Hernandez Earns silver at 2017 IBJJF Pan Ams

Carlos E Hernandez in his first international competition as a brown belt earned second place this past weekend at the Pan-American games in Los Angeles California. Carlos Who is a figurehead and leader for The Farm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s competition team once again shows up and proves why he’s one of the top competitors in the nation. Carlos, when asked about his tournament was humble as always as he said for an old guy he went out and gave them all he had.… Read More...

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Brazilian jiu jitsu and the Art of Being

In modern, Western culture, we have a continual desire to categorize everything in our lives. We want life’s problems to be addressed by bullet points and an outline that shows us an easy-to-follow solution pattern for fixing what ails us.

The problem, of course, is that almost nothing in life is that simple. The closer we look at the myriad aspects of any particular situation, the more we realize the interconnectedness of the various areas of the world we occupy.… Read More...

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Surviving (Socially) the Beginner Phase of BJJ

By: Valerie Worthington
       
When I was first starting out in Brazilian jiu jitsu, I experienced an internal struggle every day I went to train. On one hand, I was stupid crazy about training. I loved what I was learning and simply disappearing into the focus, the experience, and the challenges. But on the other hand, the anticipation of going into class, feeling intimidated and small because I was new and awful at it, and having to contend with a roomful of complete strangers, was sometimes almost too much to get past.… Read More...

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Fightnomics: The Unbiased Facts Behind MMA

A lot of what passes for “books” in the world of mixed martial arts are, to say the least, lacking greatly in anything resembling objectivity. If you want to read where Matt Hughes wrestled in high school or how Randy Couture became the legend he is, that kind of thing exists in plentiful numbers.

The real science of numbers in fighting, however, has almost completely been ignored. Until now, that isFightnomics-UFC160-Velasquez-vs-Silva

Reed Kuhn, along with Kelly Crigger — author of Greg Jackson’s book The Stand Up Game — has filled a void in the world of mixed martial arts by ignoring favorites and biases and taking a look at hard facts.… Read More...

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Thoughts on Silva vs. Weidman II

With the most anticipated match of the year now behind us, it is worth taking a look at a couple things from the two fights between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva to give us both some perspective and a learning lesson. It is not just through training that we grow, after all; it is also through analysis of those at the top of their game that we develop our own base.

One of the things that has struck me regarding all the banter about Silva vs.… Read More...

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The Three Paths of Brazilian jiu jitsu


After several lengthy conversations with the coach and doing a fair amount of study on my own about where Brazilian jiu jitsu came from, where it’s been since then, and where it is now, I have come to the conclusion that there are currently three, distinct paths that the martial art takes. And, depending on your preference, you can explore all of them to the utmost of your abilities and willingness to do so.

While Bjj may have started out as a complete grappling or even self-defense system, it has—like every other martial art—evolved over time with the popularization of tournament-style fighting.… Read More...

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