Surviving (Socially) the Beginner Phase of BJJ

By: Valerie Worthington
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When I was first starting out in Brazilian jiu jitsu, I experienced an internal struggle every day I went to train. On one hand, I was stupid crazy about training. I loved what I was learning and simply disappearing into the focus, the experience, and the challenges. But on the other hand, the anticipation of going into class, feeling intimidated and small because I was new and awful at it, and having to contend with a roomful of complete strangers, was sometimes almost too much to get past.… Read More...

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Anthony Adams Steps into Fight to win “Animals” Card Fight Canceled due to opponent not making weight….


Anthony Adams (2-1, Team Wildman/Black Dragon MMA/The Farm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), perhaps more than most, knows how grueling fight preparation can be and how unfulfilled doing all of that work with no payoff feels. That’s why he’s willing to make sure that debuting fighter Nate Strong (0-0, Salvation MMA) won’t feel left out on April 18 at ANIMALS.

While Adams is stepping to replace Strong’s opponent on less than a week’s notice, it isn’t like he’s been jumping off the couch to be his dance partner.… Read More...

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